Advantage Dental Clinic: Reedsport

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1289 Winchester Avenue Reedsport Oregon 97467

At Advantage, one way success is rated is to see the positive impact that is being made in the communities served. That’s why, unlike many other insurance companies, Advantage is improving citizens’ dental health through education, outreach, and awareness. Below are some examples of Advantage Dental Community Outreach Projects.

Don't go here, so not worth the hassle when better places are in town.
  • Melissa Weeden reviewed 4 years ago
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Beyond terrible, not worth even trying them.

1st: I tried calling them 3 different days in 2 weeks, all at different times of day and the phone just rang and rang and rang.

2nd: Xray and Dr exams are a separate appointment than cleaning. Mind you, you can’t schedule them same day and we had to scheduled them about 3 weeks apart. I have never been to a dentist office that does this.

3rd: My Xray and exam appointment was rescheduled the day before because the doctor would not be in.

4th: My cleaning was canceled the same day because my hygienist was sick.

5th: Hygiënist was really rough on my husband and when the hygienist polished our teeth it was so fast and nowhere near how polishing should be done.

6th: My new cleaning day, I arrive 15 minutes early like they ask. Door is locked and sign still shows they’ll be back at 8:00am, it’s 9:45am. I wait 5 minutes, then tug on the door again, still nothing. 10:00am, tug harder, nothing. 10:02am, tug even harder and knock. Hygienist unlocks the door deadbolt and let’s me in. I leave 30ish minutes later and the door handle is still locked and the sign is still set to Closed, be back at 8:00am and someone is outside waiting for them rushing towards the door ‘Oh, you are open!.’ I walk in and tell them there door is still locked.

You’d think at 9:45am they’d wise up and the front office staff would no better. However, I am not surprised this happened at all.

7th: My husband had a cavity, which meant a 3rd appointment weeks and weeks later for him. The dentist stabbed him in the lip with the needle. The spacer they put it was pushed to hard and cut his gum. Only reaction ‘Oh, no wonder you said ouch.’ >___<

8th Part 1: Billing is HORRENDOUS! They bill for ‘Nutritional Counseling’ and ‘Hygiene Instruction’. What the hell are these, we never did either of those. Turns out, ‘that is just how we code it. You do not actually pay for it and if not covered by insurance you don’t owe anything either.’ Luckily I went in to ask rather than using my insurances online bill pay to pay the amount my insurance says I owe without waiting for a bill from the dentist office.

8th Part 2: I got a bill for my cleaning 1 week after my cleaning was done. They also said it was automated and cleanings are 100% covered by my plan, so likely the insurance payment had not been processed yet. Why the hell would you bill SO fast then? Guess what, it’s billed from the head office, not the local office, so there are no checks in place to not send something that should not go out.

Take all of this as you will, but it was so not worth going to this location just because it was a few blocks from us. We are 100% going elsewhere in 6 months.

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